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May I suggest that you graba pen 'n paper so you can take some notes. Harry Palmer's talks are awesome! Entertaining, too. Enjoy!
Mike Hayden

(Each of the following videos are about 25-30 minutes each.)

1 OK, let me pose a few questions, then watch the video below:

  • How do you decide what to believe?
  • Who controls your mind?
  • Who decides what you believe?
  • Why are some beliefs comfortable - and what are their pitfalls?
  • What are the types of belief systems?
  • What is a sideways-step in a belief system?
  • Does the past determine the present?
  • Is it really possible to create-forward into the future?

And, what is the priceless skill that the Avatar Course teaches? If you want to discover these key insights, watch Harry Palmer speak. Click on the video below .

Make up Your Mind

2 Harry Palmer asks, if you could know everything about one subject, what subject would you pick? How would someone study consciousness? How to explore the powers and pitfalls of your own consciousness. Everyone has privileged access to a private universe of consciousness. What are thoughts floating in a bottle? Click the video below to continue your discovery.

Bottled Consciousness

3 Harry Palmer talks about how to acquire a set of tools to unlock your greatest potential - use if you choose. How would you choose to live deliberately? What is the difference between choice - and temptation & circumstance? What is the Big Game that we came here to play? Why virtues? Are they a good strategy?

Life Challenges

4 Harry Palmer talks about how our attitude toward the future creates our experience in the future. Prediction is the ability to follow a motion across time. Prediction is much better that guessing. Minds automatically predict future consequences and subsequently contribute to its creation. If we want life to improve, there's value in believing - it's getting better.

It's Getting Better

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