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Mike Hayden
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How to learn the Priceless Skill of the Avatar® Course

Yes, the Avatar Course teaches you a Priceless Skill. What's a priceless skill?

  • Priceless means worth more than mere money.
  • Skill means you can do something well. You gain priceless skills through training and direct personal experience.

Thus, the Avatar Course teaches you skills and tools worth more than money.

Big claims, yes... but let me explain...

Why people struggle for skills to solve problems...

People want solutions for distressing problems and insomnia-causing difficulties. But have you noticed that… time after time… solutions themselves become even bigger problems?

Why? Often, clever solutions just patch over invisible problems and make things worse. What if you could simply dissolve your problems?

How to dissolve problems

Years ago, someone said, "Avatar is the Universal Solvent." That really struck a chord with me because the Course trains you to use the Avatar tools to literally dissolve problems.

  • Universal: You can apply the Avatar tools to any situation, big or small.
  • Solvent: The Avatar tools let you dissolve frustrating problems. You learn to deliberately make unwanted conditions simply fade away and disappear. Fast.

But wait! That's just the beginning (read on)...

The Avatar Course trains you to create the reality you prefer...

Sounds like magic, right? But, magic is easy when you know who you really are, why you are here, and how to create the reality you prefer!

That’s exactly what you will discover in the Avatar Course. (Over 500,000 testimonial letters.)

If you're my student, I will personally refund your money if you're not more than satisfied.

Do you deserve to have it be this easy? I won't pretend to know what's best for you...

You decide. You're The One...

Avataar Students

Why you should take these four steps...

Take these 4 STEPS TO EXPLORE the Avatar Course. You'll get my excitement - but no pressure from me. Explore. Take your time. Then decide for yourself.

If it feels right for you, then you'll know what to do.
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Why do so many people take the Avatar® Course?
Your Questions Answered...

What priceless skill do you learn at the Avatar Course?
What is the Avatar® Course?
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What is the Avatar Course outline?
How long is the Avatar Course?
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What are the Avatar Course requirements?
When and where are the Avatar Courses?
How can I attend a FREE Avatar Introductory workshop?
How can I learn more at home for FREE before I decide?

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February 3-15, 2015 - Daytona Beach - AVATAR WIZARD COURSE
Incl: Free Introductions to Avatar Watch this Wizard Course Video!

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